Apple iPad Air3 equipped with LED fill light

Apple iPad Air3 equipped with LED fill light

Earlier news that Apple will launch iPad Air 3 this spring, rumored that this product will bring resolution, processor and other aspects of the upgrade, and may even launch the appropriate accessories. Now, foreign media AppleInsider has brought us this new product design.

Apple once launched a four-speaker design last year on the iPad Pro, which may now appear on the iPad Air 3. From the design of this exposure we can see that the iPad Air 3 has added four speakers to the sides of the camera. This will undoubtedly further enhance the sound quality of the iPad Air 3.

In addition, iPad Air 3 is also the first time for the camera equipped with LED lights. Although it is rare for a user to take a picture with an iPad, enhancing the ability to take photos will also increase the appeal of the product.

According to foreign media analysis, the iPad Air series is currently being impacted by the mini series, and Apple may provide more new features and designs for the iPad Air 3, further widening the gap with the mini series.

It is rumored that this product will meet with us in March of this year, and the recently launched 4-inch new iPhone5se may also appear at Apple's spring conference.

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