What are the types of resin aircraft models?

What are the types of resin aircraft models?

Guided reading: Aircraft model free-flight sports, such model aircraft landing from the final landing, the entire flight process, the athlete can not exert any manipulation on it, can only be carried out on the corresponding model before the aircraft model is released. In order to achieve better flying results, the model aircraft can fly freely in the air, free from any constraints, once it is released, so it is called "free flight." When distinguishing, the free-flying resin aircraft model can roughly be divided into the following eight kinds of items.

1. Catapult model glider: The model elastically ejects the model into the air and turns it into free-gliding flight. When flying, the ring at the end of the rubber band is hung on the ejection hook of the model. After the brake rib is stretched, the model is released and ejected under the action of the elastic force.

2, traction model glider: This is also a model glider without any pusher device, it is dependent on the use of transport to launch a one-meter long traction line, like a kite to pull the model into the air, when the model is flying to a certain height, Free gliding in the air. Since this model takes off as a method of traction, it is called a traction model glider.

3, piston launcher model aircraft: This type of model aircraft referred to as "free fly model", it is a small volume of 1.5-2.5 centimeters of the cylinder as a power source, drive the propeller to generate thrust, the model aircraft into the air, and then The model flying into free glide flies. In the competition, the working time of the launcher is strictly limited by the rules of the competition. Therefore, in the dynamic time of the rules, it should climb almost at a high speed near vertical to obtain the maximum flying height. When the launcher stops, it will turn into a gliding flight.

4. Elastic model aircraft: Relying on a twisted rubber band or other elastically elongated object mounted on the model, the propeller is driven to generate power, and the model is lifted into the air and then transferred into gliding.

5. Elastic Model Helicopter: This model of resin aircraft is relatively simple in structure, as long as a pair of rotors and an elastic bar are used as the fuselage. The fuselage is equipped with a shrapnel shaped like a true helicopter, which acts as a damping force, reducing the body's excessive rotation under the Olympic action of the elastic melons. When it was released, it relied on the torsional force of the rubber band to drive the two rotors to lift and lift up. It could rise vertically and fall.

6. Paper model airplane: The model airplane of the first class of this kind of model airplane, its main body and important parts are all made of hard paper. It has no power, and it depends on the throwing power when the launcher launches the fly to take off and rise. When a certain height is obtained Afterwards, turn into free-gliding flight.

7. Indoor Model Aircraft: This is the lightest model of any model aircraft and can be used indoors to enter a competition called an indoor model airplane. It is powered by twisted rubber bands to drive the propeller to rotate slowly to generate tension. It circulates indoors at a very slow speed. The length of the game is left blank, and the model with good performance can be left for 50 minutes. .

8. Hand-throw model glider: Relying on the power of the intruder's arm, the model aircraft is thrown into the air to make it fly freely. A well-functioning hand-throw model gliders can be left for about a few minutes.

Source: Shenzhen Tongrenhe Precision Model Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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