"Big and thin" cross-border multiplayer CHiQ TV Q2EU network first test

At present, for consumers, the most attention in the selection of TV is undoubtedly the two categories of curved TV and ultra-thin TV. Ultra-thin TV is more suitable for fitting different home decoration styles, and it is even simpler for the TV background wall. For friends who like early adopters and fashion designers, curved TV can not only improve the “forcing” but also unique The encircling movie watching experience is also the first choice for audiophiles.

Today Xiaobian brings you a detailed evaluation of the latest CHiQ TV 55Q2EU. Why did you choose this TV? Because ta is playing really big this time!

Why cross-border? Because CHiQ TV 55Q2EU is not only a curved TV product, TA is also a super-thin television product designed by famous foreign designers with a body thickness of only 14mm. Of course, in addition to the two major characteristics of the fusion surface and ultra-thin, CHiQ TV 55Q2EU has many details in the design is worth our careful understanding, may wish to take a look.

· Appearance: Unique style 14mm ultra-thin surface

The CHiQ TV Q2EU series features mid-end hot 4K surface products in sizes of 48 inches, 55 inches, and 65 inches. Today's CHiQ TV 55Q2EU is priced at 7997 yuan and we can also Experience the biggest highlights of the CHiQ series TV on TV: Modular Smart Upgrade.

LOGO close-up

The CHiQ TV 55Q2EU uses the “CHiQ” LOGO close-up. When the TV is commanded by the remote controller, the “breathing” of the command lamp can be changed.

The thinnest part of the body of the CHiQ TV 55Q2EU is only 14mm, which is slimmer and more beautiful than the current market. Champagne gold with elegant gray color frame using metal wire drawing process, great texture. The details of the workmanship are very detailed, and there are no major gaps, welts, etc. in the whole machine.

CHiQ TV 55Q2EU has a curvature of 4000R, which is more suitable for human eyes viewing habits than flat-panel TVs. At the same time, it will create an enveloping viewing experience that is immersive and placed on the screen during the viewing process. I believe this unique viewing effect is also an important reason for enthusiasts who are keen on curved TV!

Followed by the design highlights of this TV, but also the appearance of the top priority has also emerged!


Did you think that this base design Xiaobian to An anti? That's right, Xiao Bian thought so...

The CHiQ TV Q2EU series devoted great efforts to the Changhong product manager. At the same time, the fashionable design came from the chief designer Eduardo. He led 23 senior industrial designers and spent 435 days to create Q2EU TV and pay tribute to Eiffel.

Champagne gold base is very texture, of course, provide a solid protection for CHiQ TV 55Q2EU body. If you look at the pedestal alone, it may produce a visual drop in the back of the fuselage.

The design of the backboard is very simple, and the core components are equipped with cooling holes. In addition to the power cord, nameplate, and body remote control button, we do not see anything superfluous.

In the hardware interface part, CHiQ TV 55Q2EU supports USB3.0 playback, and all mainstream HDMI and CAM card slots are available. At the bottom of the picture is the CHiQ TV series upgradeable module interface. After inserting the smart upgradeable module, we can experience more and more interesting TV entertainment functions.

The CHiQ TV Q2EU series adopts a 12-button minimalist remote control mode. The black remote control area adopts a unique matrix anti-skid process, and the rest are all made of metal materials. All the controls on the CHiQ TV Q2EU TV can be realized through the simple 12 buttons.

· Startup Wizard: Refreshing the new face of UI "CHiQ"

After opening the CHiQ TV 55Q2EU, we will first prompt us to install the CHiQ TV APP, which is the mobile phone control software for CHiQ TV. At present, we can use the iOS and Android systems to perform remote control. At the same time, Xiaobian learns that the Pad version will be followed up. Of course, we can also directly enter the boot wizard and experience a CHiQ TV.

The boot wizard is mainly for users to carry out some basic function settings, such as networking, download APP, etc. This function is quite intimate, why do you say so? For many people, it may be cumbersome to find a network connection, download an APP, or some settings on the TV. The boot wizard will be able to complete the setup directly.

When I was connected to the Internet, I found something very unpleasant. I just entered a password. We had to find one letter and one letter. It was indeed a little troublesome.

After setting related functions, we can officially enter the CHiQ TV 55Q2EU to experience it!

To tell the truth, the Q2EU series of CHiQ TVs give Xiao Bian a feeling of great change. First of all, from the interface design style, it changed the traditional module style, but replaced it with a very refreshing transparent interface and unified white LOGO design. This is also a big change for CHiQ series TV products.

After the application menu is exhaled, you can see that CHiQ TV 55Q2EU has built-in many functions and application software, such as Tencent video game, ICNTV video, etc. What you want to play, what to watch, can be easily found here.

It seems that the change of design style is limited to the UI design. In the program push list, we can still see this list of left and right sliding programs.

In addition to the built-in iCNTV genuine video resources of CHiQ TV 55Q2EU, users can download their favorite videos, videos, and picture data to play through multimedia functions. CHiQ TV 55Q2EU is equipped with a USB3.0 interface, and it is very easy to play 4K video.

"Smart Service" is a new feature, the main function is to optimize the system, and then view the system security issues, but also involves the online service function of CHiQ TV, for white users, the problem may not be solved, as long as direct and The online service can communicate with you.

Video resources: good voice main iCNTV massive video

CHiQ TV 55Q2EU is equipped with a genuine iCNTV film and television resource license, and has a wide range of movies, TV dramas, animations, and entertaining variety shows. It fully meets the needs of home users.

In the video content section, CHiQ TV 55Q2EU will recommend exciting content for us, including various categories such as variety shows, movies, TV shows, and animations. Of course, users can also quickly search by section based on personal interest.

We can see that "Good Voice" is listed as a separate section for users to watch.

TV dramas such as "I'm Robot", "Bian Bang" and other hit series can be directly watched.

After the TV series is selected, the push program is still switched by sliding left and right, and at the same time, the user will be prompted to update the number of episodes. We can also choose according to different TV series categories at the bottom to quickly find the content you want to watch.

When it comes to the taste of movies, Hong Kong movies are undoubtedly the favorite of Xiao Bian. Whether it's 10 years ago or 20 years ago, Xiao Bian likes to watch it. Today, come to broadcast a disciple for everyone to see how the CHiQ TV 55Q2EU played.

After entering the program playlist, we can see a detailed profile of the movie, and at the same time there will be related videos to recommend for users to quickly select and search.

In general, the details of the picture are relatively clear. At the same time, with too many fighting pictures and fast scene switching, CHiQ TV 55Q2EU does not have any phenomenon such as Caton or trailing. The overall effect is very smooth.

Then we come to order a "Challenge Challenge" variety show to watch, which is of course Xiaobian's favorite!

Is it a good picture? At the same time, in the program playing interface, we can use the “Settings” button to realize the functions of sharpness adjustment and anycast program episodes.

The children’s favourites are cartoons, “Bear Haunts”, “Cats and Rats”.

Due to the proportion of its own screen, there will be two black bars displayed on the CHiQ TV 55Q2EU. This has nothing to do with the TV itself.

Does it evoke memories of childhood? Even if I only looked at a few screens, Xiao Bian also thought of it. This episode is "Jerry Journey to the City."

·? Intelligent interaction: control gameplay and interactive new experience

Speaking of intelligent interaction, CHiQ TV's "multi-screen interaction" not only provides us with a more intelligent, personalized remote control experience, but also brings unexpected surprises to us, such as ciri voice and Q.

Multi-screen interactive:

To download the CHiQ TV APP, we can directly download via the TV QR code. Currently it supports iOS and Android versions.

After the download is completed, there will be a “CHiQ TV” function on the mobile phone. As long as the TV and the mobile phone are in a unified WIFI environment, we can link the TV and perform remote control.

For example, let's select this news video and click on "Push to TV" to see what happens.

After the program operation, CHiQ TV 55Q2EU will directly play the content of the program we just pushed.

Then we come to push an animation "Challenger Alliance", the recent almost every major video site is pushing this animation, the Internet can often see it.

Just like the process of pushing news programs, the TV will play directly after selecting resources and pushing them. At this time, we can also use CHiQ TV 55Q2EU's “Let's Go” function to transfer the content of the TV programs being broadcast to the mobile phone screen. In order to achieve true multi-screen interaction.


CHiQ TV 55Q2EU's ciri voice can be very versatile, such as telling jokes, program search, playing music, checking stocks, fast forwarding, etc. These operations can be very troublesome, but as long as the voice button can be "a key Get it!"

Hold down the voice button and say what you want to do on the remote control. CHiQ TV 55Q2EU will help you achieve it all!

The function of the burdock is that the fast forward, fast rewind, volume adjustment and mute can all be achieved through the voice function of the CHiQ TV!

Compared with other TVs, the highlight of the CHiQ TV 55Q2EU is the high accuracy of recognition and the same "difficult movements" can be easily achieved.

·Q ministry:

A relatively novel feature, the previous CHiQ TV upgrade can also be "Q Xiaoshi" this video chat.

First of all, it is necessary to scan the QR code by mobile phone QQ and download it, and then bind it with the TV. Then you can use mobile phones to achieve video chat, video messages and other functions.

Is it funny? Haha...

·? Game entertainment: Tencent, Changhong two game platforms

CHiQ TV 55Q2EU game entertainment equipped with two platforms, the resolution is Tencent video game, Changhong game platform.

Tencent gaming platform:

Basically, they are familiar faces, cool runners, racing cars, and landlords. They can play on TV directly.

At present, Tencent has provided us with games that mainly consist of these models. We have to say that the number is really small, and we hope that in the future we will add a lot of interesting entertainment content.

Click on the game option will be directly downloaded, where we need to pay attention to is that Tencent video game content provided by the phone must be to experience.

That is, when entering the game, the TV will prompt us to download the Tencent gamepad and then perform the remote control function on the mobile phone.

After downloading, you must first connect the TV. Then remember that both the mobile phone and the TV must be in the same network environment. Tencent gamepad will automatically match for us.

After entering the game, the first is the game teaching, but to tell the truth, when using the mobile phone screen as the landlord to play landlords on the TV, there are indeed some that...

Whether it is a farmer or a landlord, let's say 3 minutes!

How can the farmers beat the landlords? He first destroyed another peasant, robbed him of his money and took up his land. After the money, the peasants did not want to landlords.

Changhong Games Platform:

Then we come to a more classic game platform, long-term carried on the CHiQ TV PLAY.CN love game platform. The game classification here is much more than that of Tencent TV games, and the classification is also more.

You can see that there are chess, cards, stand-alone, arcade and other options, and the remote control also includes the handle, remote control and mobile phone.

The whole plant vs zombies play first!

This is a remote control game, that is to say we need to use the arrow keys to select the place where we need to plant plants, and the sun will be directly collected, the picture is good, and the volume is bigger and more sense.

· Static test: the picture is clear and the color is too obvious

For professional testing, we look at how the CHiQ TV 55Q2EU performs in terms of color, sharpness, and contrast through several 4K TV test charts.

Sharpness test chart

Sharpness test details (click image to enlarge)

CHiQ TV 55Q2EU resolution reaches 4K ultra-high-definition level, at the same time through the test chart can see this TV is very good for detail performance. The red arrow in the figure indicates that the 4K TV should identify the content, but we can see that almost the CHiQ TV 55Q2EU can recognize the smallest line of Chinese characters and letters, and the detailed display capability is evident.

Sharpness test

Sharpness test

The smallest animal details and figures in this ultra-clear image can be clearly displayed to the user.

Color test chart

The over-change of the color gamut is obvious. There is no parallelism. For detailed test criteria, click to enlarge.

Color test chart

Face color is too natural and close to the true color of the human face.

Contrast test chart

Obvious contrast between light and shade, no jumping and ordering occur.

Contrast test chart

Contrast test chart

The best way to prove the contrast is to look at the details of the darkness. As shown in the above picture, the CHiQ TV 55Q2EU can clearly show its effect on the roof details and the beams, which is better than other TVs.

? · Dynamic testing: excellent decoding video effects

In this chapter, we use the CHiQ TV 55Q2EU to play 4K video, analog sources, and high-definition video to test the image quality.

4K video screen real shot

4K video screen real shot

4K video screen real shot

First of all, we played a 4K video through the CHiQ TV 55Q2EU. From the actual playback effect, we can see that this TV's picture details show clear, bright colors, strong contrast, and the picture performance is really good.

Analog signal playback

When playing high-definition analog signals, the picture is clear, and the details are also very realistic. The playback effect is excellent.

HD video decoding

HD video decoding

The ability of the CHiQ TV 55Q2EU to display images, colors, and contrast is unquestionable. At the same time, the dynamic picture is also very effective. Why is this?

Xiao Bian was informed that this CHiQ TV 55Q2EU uses the latest HDR high dynamic range technology, breaking the current chip to HDR video decoding problems, breaking the traditional TV dynamic color range (0.24nits-400nits) can be achieved (0.01nits-2000nits ) The brightness of the dark scene is restored more accurately, the picture is clearer, more natural, and more layered.

· · Editor's summary: Excellent performance in smart screens

Maybe only by really experiencing it, you can feel the energy and effort of the designer in every detail, from the unique appearance design, to the refreshing UI design, the cool multi-screen interaction, etc. It is a good example of the word "ingenious work" that CHiQ TV 55Q2EU can match.

When you are still in the song, thin, CHiQ TV Q2EU series undoubtedly help many people solve this problem. With a 14mm slim body, users can also experience the immersive viewing experience and the unique "forcing" curved screen body design.

Highlights summary:

· Appearance design: Unique Eiffel Tower design, Champagne gold color is to give CHiQ television Q2EU series unique extravagance;

· Video resources: iCNTV genuine video resources, while covering the sound area, feel free to look at it;

· Interactive play: Multi-screen interaction, Q-small viewing, and high-recognition, wide-ranging ciri voice satisfy all of your personal gameplay;

Image quality performance: Through a series of tests, it has to be said that the CHiQ TV Q2EU series performs very well in terms of sharpness, color, and contrast. After all, the actual performance effect is there!

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