Xiao Bian Comments: How to Quickly Detect 4K TVs in Three Minutes

As an ordinary consumer how to quickly and easily identify the true and false 4K TV on the market? Listen to the sofa Xiaobian one by one:

Three minutes to teach you how to quickly detect 4K TV

What is a true 4K TV

If you want to learn how to quickly detect genuine and fake 4K TVs, you first need to know what the true 4K TVs are. According to the "4K Ultra High Definition TV Certification Standards" published by the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce and the National Radio and TV Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center in April 2013. We know that only the so-called 4K TV with the following conditions is a true 4K TV.

1, the interface is equipped with RF, YPBPR and HDMI1.4 interface;

2. The native resolution reaches 3840×2160 pixels;

3, horizontal and vertical re-emission rate reached 100%;

4. When the 1920×1080i/50Hz signal is input, the horizontal and vertical resolution all reach 1080 TV lines;

5, color gamut coverage is above 32%;

How to detect genuine 4K TV

In view of the fact that true 4K TVs must meet the above conditions, we have sorted out three methods for detecting the authenticity of 4K TVs.

1. Directly check whether the product interface has RF, YPBPR and HDMI1.4 interfaces (some models use the HDMI2.0 interface, which is an upgraded version of the HDMI1.4 interface).

Comments: This detection method is very efficient, but the recognition rate is very low, if manufacturers really want to pretend to be true 4K TV, these 4K TV standing interface definitely have;

2, through the TV product manual to understand the common interface and resolution of this TV;

Comment: The reason is the same as above.

3, carrying a U disk copy 4K short film for actual testing, observe the 4K video playback fluency and color quality during the test process. Note: The 4K source must be selected right now. Don't copy fake 4K movies (generally speaking, one minute 4K movies occupy 300+450M space).

If we can't see the physicality of the 4K TV, the above method is ineffective. At this point we need to pay special attention to the two hardware indicators of the 4K TV.

First, 4K chip

For 4K ultra-high definition televisions, major TV manufacturers have developed unique image quality enhancement technologies, such as "ultra-high-definition color quality" technology, 4K sharp image processing engine Pro technology, Tru-Ultra HD image engine technology, 2K to 4K technology And so on, these high-end technologies all require 4K chips to provide support. Once you find that the TV does not support 4K chips, then obviously this is a fake 4K.

Second, HEVC H.265 decoding

Compared to the existing H.264 coding technology, H.265 decoding technology will play an important role in the 4K field. Under the same picture quality performance, HEVC H.265-encoded video will be larger than H.264-encoded video. Reducing the capacity of about 40 to 50% is conducive to the circulation and popularization of 4K video content. Both the network 4K video resources and the future Blu-ray 4K encoding technology cannot be separated from HEVC H.265.

Written at the end:

With the rapid development of 4K display technology, the differences in the quality performance of major brands of 4K TVs are decreasing. To improve the core competitiveness of their 4K TVs, the 4K TV competition has already burned the audio experience from the video experience. It is said that today's true 4K TV not only has a perfect picture quality performance, its sound quality will be very good. For example, Sony 4K's "magnetic fluid speaker", LeTV TV Arts incremental package of 20W subwoofer, millet 4K TV independent speaker system and so on.

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