Pioneer Electric: "Feng Shang" leads the future electric fan brand battle

On February 28th, Ningbo Pioneer Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announced the development strategy of the pioneer electric fan brand in 2011. Pioneer will fully lead the national market with the image of “Feng Shang”.

This 18-year-old East China home appliance company has always been low-key and pragmatic. This time it clearly puts forward a brand new "I have my Fengshang" brand proposition, which marks the increasing emphasis on brand building by East China's home appliance companies, and also indicates that East China's home appliance enterprises are expected to pass the brand. The rise of strategy has become the third pole of the domestic appliance industry.

Neglected "third pole"

As is known to all, Guangdong Shunde, represented by Midea, Kelon, Galanz, Wanhe, etc., and Qingdao represented by Haier and Hisense are the two “north poles” of the traditional Chinese household appliance industry. Due to the lack of “big Mac” companies like Haier, the East China home appliance industry has not received the attention it deserves. In fact, the East China region centered on Ningbo, especially Cixi, is the “third pole” of home appliance industry outside Shunde and Qingdao. At present, Cixi is the “China's home appliance export joint base” and “China home appliance procurement base”. .

Regarding the "third pole" dispute in the home appliance industry, there is another saying that it is Hefei, Anhui. In 2010, Hefei's home appliance industry exceeded 100 billion yuan for the first time, even surpassing Ningbo Cixi. However, most of Anhui's home appliance industry is the industrial transfer industrial park of Midea, Gree, Sanyo, Changhong and other home appliance giants. His body is in Anhui, but his head is still in a different place. The biggest feature of Ningbo Cixi home appliance industry is the development of its own brand, which is the real “Ningbo creation”. In the long run, the development potential of its own brand is often greater. Pioneer Electric, Fangtai Electric, etc. are the leaders and leading enterprises in Ningbo's home appliance industry.

Pioneer "I have my front"

Despite the independent brand, the home appliance industry in East China often gives people a low-key and pragmatic feeling. The pioneer fan has made a debut with the brand image of “I have my front” and innovative product design. a feeling of.

Pioneer said: Today's home appliances are not only a daily necessities to meet basic needs, but also become part of the home style, the choice of home appliances represents the taste of the owner. Pioneer electric fan products are associated with words such as “quality, fashion, low carbon” and are creating a “positive, healthy, tasteful and fashionable” image. Therefore, the pioneer electric fan uses the slogan “I have my own front” to create a differentiated and unique brand connotation, and strives to resonate with the lifestyle of consumers in today's home appliance brand. In 2011, Pioneer Electric Fan will also invest more resources in multiple layers to strengthen its brand image, matching Pioneer's brand influence with its strong corporate strength.

Focus on the "invisible champion"

In addition to the brand's advantages, East China's home appliance companies tend to focus on a certain industry and win the market with professional product manufacturing. For example, Fangtai Electric focuses on the field of kitchen appliances, and such giants with the strength of beauty do not dare to despise. In the two seasons of products (summer fans and winter heaters), Pioneer is also a focused stealth champion.

Pioneer focused on heater production for 18 years, and heater sales have achieved the number one position for many years. In the past, the sales of heaters in 2010 increased by 47% compared with 2009. At present, it is the unit leader of the indoor heater standardization working group, and is the “invisible champion” in the industry. In terms of electric fans, Pioneer Electric and Midea and Emmett are among the top three in the industry, and the strength cannot be ignored.

In 2011, Pioneer brand launched two series of cold fans and electric fans. Among them, the Pioneer electric fan series adopts the industry-leading Energizer motor, with high-quality silicon steel sheet, strong air volume, smoother operation and less noise.

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