Super creative LED lighting awards


Illustration: The button light, the DEL, Ctrl and other buttons on the computer are now magnified N times, press the next button, the light will be on


Light control kid light

Illustration: Light-controlled kid light, a "naughty kid" with a bulb head, it is very difficult to lift the plug. After the power is turned on, the naughty boy becomes a light-controlled night light. When the room is dimly lit, the night light will automatically emit soft light, and when the light is bright, the light will automatically turn off. It lights up 12 hours a day and consumes only a few kWh a year.


Illustration: Is this a lamp, flame or garbage? The answer is a lamp. Everyone will be surprised, how can this be a desk lamp, but in fact it is indeed a well-designed table lamp, like a flame, very hot.


Illustration: Will this table lamp be a simple ornament? Don't doubt that it is indeed a table lamp that can be illuminated. Below is a table lamp with a Coke bottle as a base. After simple processing, its power is hidden. Is this "Coke bottle" unique?

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