LED enters the off-season and the company’s revenues in November have increased and decreased

LED into the traditional industry off-season, the original industry is generally not optimistic about the November revenue, but as the various LED plants announced the revenue in succession, there are still many companies to break through the trend, November revenues rose upwards, including LED die factory Leading Jingdian’s revenue in November reached NT$1,293 million, better than expected, and LED packaging plants have their growth and decline. Among them, Huaxing’s revenue increased by 50% in November, and Qihong also had approximately 7% growth momentum, Dongbei and Lunda. And so on than in October recession.

After the demand for the four-element red LED cools down, Jingdian originally expected the November revenue to be lower than the October performance, plus the inventory factor will continue to decline in December, but was swiftly spotlighted by LED TV, Jingdian said, in November The shipment of blue LED products was good, which led to a slight recovery of capacity utilization to over 70%. Jingdian’s revenue for November reached 1.29 billion yuan, up 2.7% from October, but 22% less than the same period in 2010. Looking ahead to December crystal Electricity believes that the status of orders will be lower than in November, but it is not ruled out that there are still urgent orders coming in.

LED packaging giant Yiguang billion revenue in November 1.37 billion yuan, compared with 1.348 billion yuan in October reduced by about 0.88%, performance was flat, billion light that is mainly caused by the slightest difference in shipment schedule, estimated in December will also Flat performance, as for when the new machine orders in 2012 when the injection of revenue, Yiguang believes that no orders have been heard tonic, is expected to wait for the new machine to be listed in the first quarter of next year, the fastest it will not be possible until the end of December There are orders, still in the short-term wait-and-see stage.

Ai Feisen’s November revenue reached approximately RMB 200 million, a monthly growth of 11.1%, and a decrease of approximately 6.55% year-on-year, accumulating 1! In November, the revenue reached 2.29 billion yuan, which was 18.5% lower than the same period of 2010. As Elderson benefited from stable shipments at the end of the year, the revenue performance in November was in line with the original expectations, and it is expected that there will still be room for growth in December.

Minhong’s revenue for November successfully stood at 300 million yuan, and its monthly revenue was 316 million yuan, which was 7.5% higher than that in October. The main beneficiary bids were more accepted at the end of the year. It is estimated that the order status in December will be about It's about the same as in November, but since December coincides with the quarter inventory, it still depends on the pull condition.

The largest growth rate of Huaxing's consolidated revenue in November reached 137 million yuan, up 55% from October's 88.77 million yuan. Huaxing pointed out that it was mainly due to deferral of orders in October to November, plus low-temperature lighting customers Wal-Mart's order-shipping effect of freezers is expected to see additional order shipments in December and operating growth month by month.

However, Dongbei's revenue from lighting products was maintained in November, and some TV backlit orders were supported. However, due to the off-season effect of infrared products, its November revenue fell to 351 million yuan under the influence of seasonal short-term decline, compared with October. Declined by 2.78%.

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