Samsung will launch voice payment, but Apple can't open it now.

It was previously reported that Samsung is working on developing its own artificial intelligence voice assistant to compete with Google Assistant and Apple Siri. The Samsung voice assistant will be named Bixby and will appear as a male voice, and will have another female voice version of Kestra.

Now, according to the latest news from the Dutch website GalaxyClub, Samsung is currently applying for a trademark processed by the computer speech recognition software command containing the Bixby name. From the details, the Bixby voice assistant will support the Samsung Pay online payment platform.

Samsung has previously launched a voice control service called S Voice, but it seems that it has not achieved very good results in the competition with Siri. Samsung then hid its S Voice feature and switched to Google’s Google Now service. However, in recent years, Samsung has been trying to get rid of the problem of relying too much on Google, so it has continuously developed its own exclusive service to replace Google's corresponding functions. Therefore, Samsung's development of its own voice assistant is not an unexpected news.

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