Mstick smart LED light more than a boyfriend

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Mstick has created a very unique smart led light . The Mstick smart led light can be used in many different scenarios after being designed by the mobile app (both Android and iOS).

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A variety of usage modes are preset in the app, such as a night light on the wall; a brake light on the back of the bicycle; a light stick in the hand; a timer when exercising or cooking; and a music when listening to music The frequency will be changed according to the rhythm; the weather can be displayed by different patterns through software; even when the self-timer is used, it can be used to fill the light...

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What is a wall GFCI socket?
A wall GFCI socket is different from conventional sockets. In the event of a ground fault, a wall GFCI socket will trip and quickly stop the flow of electricity to prevent serious injury.
Wall GFCI socket protect You From Electric Shock Due To:
1.With safe lock protection function,wall GFCI socket safety is improved.when miswired,wall GFCI sockets have no power and can not be reset,so it is more safe than conventional socket.
2.The wall GFCI socket includes end-of -life monitoring function,it can not reset correctly when the wall GFCI socket reaches the end of life.
3.Improved resistance to surge and corrosion.
4.Easier installation.(installation instructions enclosed)

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