What is the difference between LCD and OLED?

In the past 10 years, people have been entangled in "buy plasma or LCD TV", and now, plasma has completely withdrawn from the market, in addition to LED / LCD, the liquid crystal field also derived new backlight technology such as quantum dots. The only exception is the OLED technology using organic light-emitting diodes, which is completely different from liquid crystal.

From a certain point of view, OLEDs are more outstanding in image quality due to their self-illumination and independent illumination characteristics of each pixel, and are regarded as a substitute for plasma. Of course, due to the cost relationship, OLED TV development is still expensive today, and LCD TVs will not sit still, and enhance the display effect through a large number of new technologies.

So, which technology is better in terms of various details? Although we generally think that OLED stands for high image quality, there are some disadvantages. So below, let's take a look at the fundamental differences between LCD TVs and OLED TVs.


Winner: LCD

LCD TVs, especially LED-backlit TVs, have a variety of backlight designs, such as bottom, top and bottom, side-light, global, etc., relatively high brightness, while OLEDs can self-illuminate, but the brightness A little lower than the LED backlight.

2. Black level

Winner: OLED

In terms of black level, since each pixel of the OLED is independently self-illuminating, the color performance is deeper and more natural. Regardless of which backlight technology is used in the LCD TV, some effects will be exerted when local dimming is implemented, which affects the restoration of the black effect.

3. Contrast

Winner: OLED

Maybe you have used a bad LCD TV or monitor, you will find that the effect is white, color reproduction is extremely inaccurate, which is basically caused by poor contrast. In addition, the contrast will also affect the black level to some extent. Although the contrast item is rarely tested in TV evaluations, OLEDs are relatively good at producing contrast effects without any blooming.

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