Charging Two, Two, Two, Twenty-Five: PD Fast-Acquisition Protocol Tests Good Companion - Ledere USB PD Decoy

I. Introduction

The market is flooded with various fast charging protocols. What QC, PE, PD, VOOC, DASH, FCP and so on are there?

Among the many fast charging protocols, there are the same, such as: VOC and DASH, PE, and mCharge; similar, for example: QC, PE, and FCP are all boost boosters, and VOOC, DASH, and Huawei's 5A fast charge. All are high-current fast charging solutions; there are also very small, such as: PD

Today is to say the smallest fast charging solution in mobile phones, USB PD fast charging protocol

As for what is a PD fast charge, there is not much to do here. Simply speaking, it is the orthodox Type-C fast charge protocol. As for the fact that it is orthodox, I do not know.

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Second, out of the box

When you receive it, it is a small courier bag. You know what's in it. What do you think is an empty bag?

â–¼After the dismantling is such a PD decoyer packed with staples and sealed in an electrostatic bag, in addition, there is no other thing, no protection measures, and the plastic shell is not bad.

Third, the appearance

â–¼ The decoy is a transparent plastic case with a black PCB, a button on the front, and a Type-C and Type-A ferrule on the PCB.

â–¼ The back of the middle is a matte surface, the chip inside can not look carefully

â–¼ The phishing device does not have a Type-C male, only a Type-C female, so the actual test needs to be used with a CC line.

The other side of the Type-C female is the Type-A female, which is the most commonly used USB female

Fourth, dismantling

â–¼ transparent plastic shell dismantling is very simple, gently shake can be broken open, and then expose the following black PCB, the front of the PCB is very simple, two female seats, a button, two LEDs and a capacitor a resistor

â–¼ The back is slightly more complex, with a USB PD communication control chip in the middle, and a capacitor resistance around the circle.

â–¼ USB PD communication control chip silk screen LDR6032

â–¼This is a happy USB USB PD communication control chip

â–¼ transparent shell on the back of the middle of the matte is Lederui brand LOGO

Fifth, test

â–¼ The charging head used for this test is the PDTV charging head

â–¼The specific model is EV-24ACN, nominal output power 24W, support PD and QC3.0, QC3.0 need to use OTG line to correct the handshake

After inserting the charger, the decoyer automatically and sequentially tests the voltage supported by the charging head and displays it through different colors, and finally stops at the highest voltage.

â–¼ Then you can switch the trigger voltage by clicking the middle button, first the red, 5.0387V

â–¼ Then 5V step current test, maximum output 3.1A 4.78V 14.8W, this charging head should be wired

â–¼ green, 6.0218V

Stepping current test, maximum output 3.1A 5.77V 17.9W, see sample maximum output current around 3.1A

â–¼ blue, 7.0096V

Stepping current test, maximum output 3.1A 6.77V 21W, maximum current is also 3.1A

â–¼ yellow-green, 7.9970V

Stepping current test, maximum output 3.1A 7.76V 23.4W

â–¼ white purple, 8.9613V

Stepping current test, the maximum output 2.7A 8.82V 23.8W, almost up to the nominal 24W, this charging head line complement is good, even if the current comes to 3A, the pressure drop is also very small, indicating that the charging head at the line fill The voltage is enough. The maximum output current of the charging head is about 3.1A, the maximum output power is about 24W, enough for daily use, charging some laptops is enough

Sixth, summary

1. Not long ago, the USB-IF organization released the PPS (Programmable Power Supply) agreement, which included QC4.0/QC3.0, SCP, FCP, mtk PE3.0/2.0, and Vooc, etc. In the future, the direction of the charging agreement is unification, and the PD protocol as an official fast charging protocol will surely shine. Of course, who will be correct in the future?

2, this happy deere's PD decoy device, to make up for the gap of the relevant decoy device, is a quantitative test PD charger becomes simple and convenient, by click and LED color changes can choose different voltage

3, is this type of decoy's input port is Type-C female port, need to be equipped with CC line (Type-C to Type-C) to use, can not avoid the test process will receive the line resistance of the CC line, if Select Type-C male-to- male connection, there will be one more contact resistance, hoping that after happy deere can be out with a Type-C male decoy, more practical, and fit the actual, but also makes the use of deception devices and Not limited to testing

thank you all!


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